What is Performance Monitor?

Performance Monitor is an integrated computer database application for the production of technical monitoring tools, user satisfaction surveys and the analysis and reporting of results. It includes a library of output standards for over 20 FM services, with more added as they are identified.

This system has been developed in close consultation with a working group of NHS managers, ensuring that it matches NHS requirements and is fit for purpose.

Performance Monitor equips NHS managers with the ability to demonstrate that they are meeting NHS modernisation, the NHS plan and performance objectives.

Collection of data can be via a Windows application, or “on the ward” via inexpensive Android Tablets which can work in both an online and offline mode, allowing use in areas of patchy network or cellular coverage.


How it helps you manage your services

  • Helps you create explicit and objective standards that you and your customers will understand.

  • Allows you to compare performance over time; between locations and services in a consistent way.

  • Helps you confidently measure local performance against national performance indicators.

  • Lets you respond quickly to customer issues and external initiatives.

  • Streamlines the process of reporting and presentation of performance information.

  • Allows you to benchmark with other system users, aiding the sharing of best practice.

  • Gives you the power to evaluate the trade off between cost and quality when used in conjunction with financial information.

  • Lets you detect and response to performance trends, identifying shortfalls in real time.

  • Reduces the amount of time you spend on collecting, analysing and reporting performance information.

  • Allows you to target scarce training resources to maximum effect.


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