Accommodation management

Managers face significant pressures in trying to meet accommodation demands with scarce resources. They can get bogged down in administration, keeping track of room availability, ensuring legal compliance and all the correspondence that involves, managing income streams and organising other support services such as cleaning and maintenance

Our Accommodator system was developed with a group of NHS managers to:

  • Reduce administration time

  • Ensure legal compliance

  • Ensure then maximisation of accommodation assets

  • Maximise Income from Residential Properties

  • Improve the client experience

Room bookings made easy

Our Meeting Room Booking System, which includes the facility to also book additional equipment and hospitality was developed to:-

  • Reduction in the time spent administering a meeting room booking system by ensuring easy access to availability information and rapid data entry

  • Ensure the accuracy of bookings

  • Provides management & performance information relating to room usage etc.

  • Ensures that time is not lost due to availability enquiries

  • Clearly display meeting locations & times


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