About our Helpdesk systems

Our Help Desk systems are integrated applications that have dedicated screens for each service so that the information collected is appropriate to the job in hand, for the recording, allocation and control of tasks and the production of group or individual performance reports via screens for Portering, Transport & Taxis, Hospitality, Cleaning Requests etc.

They include target response rates for each type of task so that you can monitor your SLA performance. this not only assists resource planning but they also enable you to prove creeping demand, showing true response rates and allowing a quicker response to any queries

Key features

  • Gives you an accurate understanding of work load over time, location or customer group

  • Let’s you respond quickly to customer issues.

  • Lets you to plan your workforce and budgets

  • Reduces your communication and administration time

  • Reduces the amount of time you spend on collecting, analysing and reporting performance information.

  • Helps you confidently measure local performance against SLAs.


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