Time your tasks accurately with Domtime

  • Are you confident that all the areas you clean have optimium staffing levels?
  • Do you manage to keep your staffing budget in line with service changes?
  • Can you confidently report the effect of budget cuts to cleaning frequencies?
  • Do you often get requests for costings for planned developments?

Domtime was developed in conjunction with NHS managers to measure, model and optimise labour.

With very detailed timing information for over 100 cleaning and housekeeping tasks Domtime is the system you’ve been waiting for.

Key features

  • Helps you ensure the effective deployment of your valuable labour resources

  • Lets you rapidly measure the effect of frequency/method changes on input hours.

  • Allows you to quickly and easily produce budget and other financial information

  • Allow you to produce work schedules and other information for staff

  • Includes editable Cleaning procedures for dusting, floor cleaning and area duties, fitting in with your process, not the other way around

  • Calculated times are broken down into Days, Evenings, Weekends and Weekly

  • User selectable levels of accuracy means that you can estimate area values without full room details.

Control labour budgets with Staff Manager

Staff Manager helps you Control labour budgets, the allocation of staff and other general staff administration, ensuring timely and accurate budget information and Minimising time lost due to sickness. It also helps improve staff satisfaction via a fair and efficient holiday allocation process and ensuring statutory compliance.

Key features

  • Manage and control sickness, with full reporting including performance information

  • Manage annual leave using your defined rules

  • Administer all your correspondence with staff, finance, personnel and other related departments

  • Manage the reporting of staff training


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